2. Area Model of Multiplication

Another way to do multiplication is to think about it as finding the area of some rectangles.

Now, if we draw pictures of area for multiplication, we can start to visualize it! Let’s pretend, over the next few posts, that I can draw squares and rectangles. And that I can take good pictures.

For example, 3 x 2 = 6 in the area model is…


Not too bad. But when we get to bigger problems, we don’t really want to draw out every box. It gets tedious even for small numbers, and worse as they get bigger. Who’s going to count?!? Instead, we rely on our basic math facts, and pretend that there are little boxes!

Displaying IMG_1063.JPG

It seems like we’re just reviewing our basic multiplication facts, right? Well, yes.

But the interesting part is in the next post, when we see how larger numbers (bigger than 10) mix with the area model to simplify things.


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