New Year’s Resolutions

I’ve decided to restructure how to do my resolutions. I’ve never been good at them, and I never know what kinds of things to resolve. So my resolution is to make new resolutions! Here’s my plan:

Work Resolutions

I’ve been working 2-3 jobs for a long time. I always try to do a good job, but sometimes we need to look at everything from a high level, and make resolutions. I am going to do this kind of resolutions on a work date.

Job one: I work in a school. Those resolutions will be set in August.

Job two: I run a tutoring business. I started it January 17 of last year. Resolutions for that will happen then.

Personal Resolutions

On May 3, I will turn 29. Still pretty young, but it’s my last year in my 20s. I have decided that on May 3, I will enact new resolutions so that I start the new decade on a high note. Those personal resolutions will involve doing new things (because I’ve been too scared or lazy, maybe) and improving short-comings. I will also, and this is an area I struggle in, identify things I am good at, and make resolutions not to forget about those. I will try to maintain and improve those areas as well, so that I don’t only become focused on the negative.

I don’t know how detailed I will be in tracking them – data sheets? Social media posts to peer-pressure myself? Hope for the best, but forget about them? Get them tattooed and look at them every day?

How do you do your resolutions? Ideas on how to set meaningful resolutions would be great.